My name is Roderick John Mathison and I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. My photographic "stomping ground" is the Southern Highlands, though I visit the North-West Highlands whenever time and circumstances permit. I have a particular love of winter photography (cool temperatures, early sunsets, no insects) though our lack of snow nowadays is somewhat frustrating. I aim to take most of my pictures during the golden hour before dusk descends and darkness envelops. There is something otherworldy, almost mystical about the light at that time and this latitude (55/56 north). I am not searching for sunsets, more trying to depict a stillness and a timelessness in my images. To get in touch, in tune, with the ancient glacial geography/geology/geo-cosmology of the land. I believe that beautiful landscape, and wonderful light, should be celebrated and shared (hence my website) by as many as possible. I hope you can visit this website again in future, as I capture more images, moments in time. (I can be contacted by e-mail at Roderick.Mathison@ntlworld.com or Roderick.Mathison@gmail.com)